Kristen Joe Circle of Life Garden

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Donors and their families are the most cherished participants in LIFE Walk/Run. We honor deceased organ, tissue and eye donors through their photos in the Circle of Life Garden, commemorating their gifts of life, sight and mobility. These donor pictures in the Garden have become one of the highlights of LIFE Walk/Run, putting a face to the heroes of donation. We would be honored to include a photo of your loved one in this year’s Garden.

Kristen made people feel special. In death, Kristen did the same, saving four lives through organ donation and helping many more as a tissue and corneal donor. When Kristen renewed her license in the year prior to her death, she told her parents, Dr. Annette and Lonnie Joe that she wanted to register as an organ donor. Kristen’s legacy of giving, like that of all donors, reflects an individual’s heroic decision when one signs up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. “Kristen was a very generous person and was always giving presents. Even though this has been the most difficult time in our lives, we have joy knowing that her sweet voice continues to echo through her many loving gifts”, said her mother, Dr. Annette Joe.

Please submit your loved one’s photo no later than Friday, June 30, 2017.

Email your loved one’s photo and name (first name only or full name) to, with the subject line: CIRCLE OF LIFE GARDEN. Please make sure your picture is big enough to be enlarged to 8.5 x 11 inches, preferably 300 dpi or greater.

Other information to know about the event:

  1. LIFE Walk/Run is hosted in Detroit, on the beautiful and historic Belle Isle State Park.
  2. A State Recreation Passport is required to enter Belle Isle State Park, available for purchase ($11) at the ranger booth as you enter the island.
  3. There is plenty of free parking in front of the Casino (not a gambling facility).
  4. Please bring family and friends and form a team of walkers/runners!
  5. Please share our website with friends and family:


If you have questions about submitting your photos or event registration, please contact the Gift of Life MOTTEP office at 313-875-9055.


The garden is a place for Donor Families to display pictures of their loved ones commemorating their gifts in the circle of life. The pictures, along with beautiful flowers, have grown to be one of the highlights of LIFE Walk/Run, putting a face to the heroes of organ donation.