Belle Isle Casino Area

Detroit | MI

The Gift of Life MOTTEP LIFE Walk/Run is the largest event promoting organ and tissue donation in the state of Michigan. LIFE Walk/Run is attended by more than 2,000 individuals, including members of the medical profession, major corporations, media personalities, politicians, donor family members and transplant recipients.


LIFE Walk/Run not only promotes organ and tissue donation, but it brings people together. Over the years, several life-changing events have happened at LIFE Walk/Run - donor families and recipients have met for the first time, participants have gotten married and participants have also traveled internationally to attend. LIFE Walk/Run is an event for the whole family which also promotes health and fitness through the Kid's Fun Run, free health screenings and the healthy eating at LIFE Walk/Run Cafe. In addition, there are several other activi­ties which guarantee a good time for all participants.

Extending life through organ and tissue donation... one step at a time.

Gift of Life MOTTEP  | 736 Lothrop | Detroit | MI 48202